Lindsey House

Lindsey House serves women with children who are experiencing situational homelessness.

Ground Zero

When disaster strikes, our canines respond.

City Center

Bringing Relief and Restoration to Lives in Oklahoma City.

Empowering the most bullied people in the world, from displaced indigenous people to at-risk youth in our neighborhoods and schools.

Improving home life by creating environments that help families thrive.

Radically changing the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and those that love them.

Endangered Ark Foundation

The Endangered Ark Foundation is a 250-acre ranch in southeastern Oklahoma for a herd of endangered Asian elephants.

Meals on Wheels Oklahoma

Meals on Wheels of Norman is celebrating 50 years of delivering noontime meals to the seniors of the Norman Community.

Oklahoma Project Woman

Oklahoma Project Woman provides access to care that will facilitate the early diagnosis of breast cancer and decrease the mortality rate for uninsured women and men.

Oklahoma Council on Economic Education

The Oklahoma Council on Economic Education focuses on the economic and financial education of students from kindergarten through high school.

Oklahoma Blood Institute

No matter the location, Oklahoma Blood Institute provides donor-to-patient lifelines in Oklahoma local communities.

World Baseball Outreach

World Baseball Outreach provides vital programs like batting cages and services to youth and their families in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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